Our Approach

We are a diverse, inclusive, and radically welcoming community of faith committed to creating a deeper sense of belonging with God and embracing others in community.

Our Story


All Souls' is a welcoming and inclusive community of faith worshipping the One God; witnessing to God’s love and compassion in a broken, hurting world; serving all God’s people that they may know the embrace of a loving God who desires nothing but our good.

Who We Are

Reverend Timothy P. Carr,



father tim
Michele Colson, Senior Warden
Steve Harriman, Junior Warden
Francesca Ferguson
Cindy Ritter
Carlos de Salazar
Brian Levey

Diocese of Southeast Florida: The Rt. Revd. Peter Eaton, Diocesan Bishop

Parish Administrator: Alitza Martell

Parish Office: Office hours are 10:00am to 1:00pm, Monday through Friday.

For baptisms, weddings, memorials and all other inquiries please contact us at 305.520.5410 or

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