This Week’s Bulletin – May 27th, 2018

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 All Souls’ Episcopal Church

Miami Beach

 27th May 2018

 Trinity Sunday

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We ask you to hold in your prayers the members of the Committee as they continue their important work of discernment:

Sheila Collins and Freddy Tovar (Co-Chairs), Aracelis Mullings (Vestry), Kathi Armbrister, Laura Keith, Rafael Padilla, Glen Velker and Jim Carlton (Chaplain).

God will not overlook our work and the love which we show for his sake. Teach us to do what pleases you, for you are our God:

God of all Love. God of inspiration, God of Peace, God of Hope and Glory sanctify us we pray, as your representatives in this community, and Your Church in this place.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

Remove from our minds and hearts any doubt, trepidation, fear we may experience during this process, and we ask that your Holy Comforter be among us to keep us calm and focused on this Holy Task.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

We come to you this day willing servants to follow your inspiration and guidance as we in one accord select the next Spiritual Leader for our congregation.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

Grant us childlike innocence, wonder and awe as our mission unfolds, and your will is revealed to us. Grant us unbridled joy and excitement as we feel your presence and inspiration in our lives.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

Keep us we pray in your steadfast love, and open our hearts, and minds as we examine and watch and pray. We ask your loving presence in all of our deliberations. Lead us to the right candidate. Lead the right candidate to us.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

Send us one, we pray, who loves you and your work with complete abandon; one eager to lead us into a closer knowledge and love of your mighty power and salvation.

Let your good Spirit lead us on level ground.

We now ask your blessings on our congregation, as they wait, and watch with us. Hold them in your warm and comforting arms of love. Give them the gift of patience and forbearance, and understanding, as your plan unfolds among and around us. Give them and us your Blessed Assurance of our fruitful efforts and your abiding love.

Let your Good Spirit lead us on level ground.

We thank you for the candidates we will receive, and ask that you guide them, as you are guiding us, into a closer relationship with you, whether or not they are destined to serve with us.

 Accept our thanksgiving for your love and guidance in all these things. 

 May God, who has given us the ability to fulfill this ministry, give us the Grace to accomplish it to the Glory of Your Name and to further Your work in our community.

All these things we humbly ask in your Holy and Majestic Name.


hinking of you!

Rev. Hans Gustafson resides in a nursing facility in Aventura.  Visiting hours are open all day.  If you wish to send him a Thinking of You! card, his address is Rev. Hans Gustafson, c/o Palm Garden, 21251 East Dixie Highway, Aventura, FL.

Keep him in our prayers!


If you are feeling down, come into our church for a faithlift!


If your surname begins with A-E, a reminder that there’s an opportunity for you to provide a much needed food item for our hospitality next Sunday. Please check with Joyce Foreman this morning and let her know what you are able to bring to the table.


Sunday May 27th: Trinity Sunday

Holy Eucharist 8.00am

Choir Rehearsal 9.30am

Sung Eucharist 10.30am

Monday May 28th

Deacons Mass at Trinity Cathedral 12noon

Tuesday May 29th

Choir Rehearsal 7.00pm

Saturday June 2nd   

Centering Prayer, All Souls’, 10.30am

Sunday June 3rd: Second Sunday of Pentecost

Holy Eucharist 8.00am

Choir Rehearsal 9.30am

Sung Eucharist 10.30am

At the end of each petition, the People respond: Glory and praise to you, O living God.


We Hold in Prayer:

For peace throughout the world.
All military women and men serving at home and overseas. Veterans and their families. Wounded warriors and the work of the V.A.
The Wardens, Vestry Members, Fr. Errol Harvey, our supply priest for April and May, and Deacon Charles. Our Choir, Organist, Altar Guild, Lectors, Altar Servers, and Eucharistic Ministers.
The work of ongoing restoration after hurricanes by relief and aid agencies in the Keys and Puerto Rico.
Thanksgiving for ongoing refurbishment of our church facilities. All Souls Episcopal Church Foundation, Inc.
Those living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and the work of Deacon Charles at Care Resource.
Our Diocesan Recovery Ministry and those living with any addiction and those in recovery.
Our Bishop Peter and Kate Eaton, Canon John Tidy and Jill. The Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry.
Refugees, Dreamers, and asylum seekers.
Our visitors today and safe travels back to their countries.
Seafarers House, Port Everglades and Lotus House Women’s Shelter.
Our Companion Dioceses: Diocese of the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands; Diocese of the Dominican Republic; Diocese of Haiti; Congregation Toliara. Congregation members living in Broward, Miami-Dade, Aventura, North Miami Beach, Bay Harbor, Bal Harbor, Sunny Isles Beach,  and Surfside.
Those celebrating birthdays & anniversaries.
Mercy Hospital staff and patients.
Hospital Chaplains – Fr. David Collins and Deacon Charles
For Healing:  Rev. Hans, Nellie, Sheila, Ken, Gary, Richard, Jim, Lily, Dennis, Greg, Irene Mark, Bob, Paul, Laura, Rick, Jim, Karen, Rev. Santos, Santos, Daphne, Bishop Sturdy, Rose, Rito, Darryl, Gail, Tania, Deacon Katon, and Residents of Bay Oaks Home.
All Hospice and Palliative Care Units
The dying and those who watch and care for them, and mourn for their loss.
The Departed: may they rest in peace.

Blessed Jesus, we seek your mercy for all who are dying. May death become for them, as it was for you, a birth to everlasting life. May their soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen †